Kevin-Norman is the Founder and Managing Director at Clean & Shine Mobile Car Detailing. The inspiration for the development of Clean & Shine came from years of experience in the automotive industry, working as a detailer. 

As a professional who truly loves cars, his perspective on vehicles is different. This is what allows him to provide the attention-to-detail service his clients have now become used to.

When Kevin is detailing a vehicle it become his own. He delights in the astonishing look on client’s faces, when they stare amazed at their freshly detailed vehicle.

“I have had many detailing services work on my car, but after the service that Kevin provided, I will never go back. The before and after was undeniable. I had not cleaned my car at all that winter, and I will tell you that it was not in good shape. I stepped into my car after Kevin was done, and it looked out of the dealership ready. As I was admiring his work, he pointed out that my tires were bare, and for safety reason’s, I should consider getting some new ones, especially for the rainy season. Until then, I had not thought about it. I remain grateful to Kevin for his insight.”

Simone Jennifer Smith
(Hear 2 Help/Toronto Caribbean Newspaper)

It is not just about cleaning the car, Kevin shares his extensive detailing experience and thorough understanding of vehicle surface care with his clients and other professionals in the industry. He identifies issues the vehicle owner should look into, and opens his automobile network to provide options for his client.

An audio technician by trade, Kevin’s detail is displayed when he is setting up sound and recording equipment, and assisting with recordings and sound production. His free time also opens him up to community initiatives that involve youth living in African dominant areas in Toronto.

Focused and determined, Kevin has been able to navigate this pandemic by adjusting his cleaning protocols, and ensuring that clients feel safe. That is the type of man he is; attention to details is always number one.

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